Animal Dentistry in Huntington Beach

Andrew's Square Pet Clinic is an Animal Hospital that specializes in Animal Dentistry. If your pet is experiencing difficulty eating or does not have an appetite then your pet could be experiencing dental pain. Please schedule an appointment immediately to have Dr. Lee examine your pet. If a tooth extraction is needed then it can be done immediately on the premises by Dr. Lee.
Dr. Lee recommends all dogs over the age of seven have their teeth cleaned every year.
• Dental Cleaning & Maintenance
• Tooth Extractions
Animal Dentistry does not need to be expensive or painful to your pet. Call immediately to discuss your options and your situation in depth.
Andrew's Square Pet Clinic is located on the corner of Springdale and Warner ave. in Huntington Beach, CA.
15% OFF Dental Cleanings
Please call Dr. Lee today to schedule your Animal's Dentistry check up and preventive care.