Specialized Animal Surgeries in Huntington Beach

Animal surgeries are offered every Monday through Friday at Andrew’s Square Pet Clinic in Huntington Beach, California. The staff at our animal hospital provides a vast array of animal surgeries to meet your pet’s every need.


When your pet is in need of animal surgeries, turn to the experts at our clinic. We are proud to offer many different animal surgeries, from basic procedures to the most specialized operations.

All of our lab work is sent to Antech™ Diagnostics for reliable, accurate results, and we strive to keep our prices low to ensure your pet is able to receive the help he or she needs and deserves. X-rays are also available.


We offer some specialty surgeries on a case-by-case basis. This includes toe or eye removals, and we’ll gladly take your call to discuss your situation in depth.

Additional surgical procedures we provide include:
• Tumor Removals
• Large Growth Removals
• Tooth Extractions
• General Surgery
Vet Checking Up on a Dog - Animal Surgeries

Spaying & Neutering

Bring your cat or dog in for spaying and neutering and do your part to minimize the number of homeless animals. We recommend bring in your pet in around 6 months old, but we are able to provide the service earlier in some cases.
At our clinic, we do between one and two procedures a day. This ensures our spaying and neutering services are always high-quality and never rushed. We take our time to give your pet the highest standard of care.
Contact us in Huntington Beach, California, to receive more information about any of our knowledgeable animal surgeries.