Safe Pet Vaccinations In Huntington Beach

At Andrew’s Square Pet Clinic in Huntington Beach, California, we proudly provide safe and competitive priced pet vaccinations and also offer spaying and neutering services. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is our mission.

We specialize in Pet Vaccinations and will keep good track of your pets records. It's important you stay on top of your vaccinations and are reminded when your pet needs to be updated on their pet vaccinations. Andrew's Square Pet Clinic is located on the corner of Springdale St and Warner ave in HB, CA. Call Dr. Lee today to schedule your next visit.
Pet vaccination in Huntington Beach

Vaccination Services

You’ll enjoy fast services at our predominantly walk-in animal hospital. Pet vaccinations are typically done in just a few minutes and are always performed in a non-threatening environment to keep your pet stress-free. We do require that you bring in previous lab work and a copy of your pet’s records prior to administering any vaccinations.
Ask us about our pet Spaying and Neutering services.
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